Your Office Relocation Checklist

Moving offices can be stressful and time consuming. There are so many factors to consider that it’s easy to lose track of everything. It’s important that your office relocation causes minimal disruptions to your staff and business operations. To help take the stress out of your business relocation, we have put together a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the move. 

Image of a man moving boxed and packing up office supplies


Office relocation checklist

Step 1:

Ideally, these steps should be completed 3 months prior to your business relocation. 

  • Appoint a move coordinator who will manage the process.
  • Set a budget and date, then organise what equipment you need to hire to get the job done.
  • Review your current lease – If you are planning on leaving early you may lose your deposit, and you may be responsible for any breakages or damages that occur during the move.
  • Find out if you need moving insurance for important equipment and machinery.


Step 2:

These steps should be completed 1 month prior. 

  • Update key suppliers and clients with your move date and new office address.
  • Order marketing collateral with your new address on such as business cards, signage and stationary. Don’t forget to update your website and social media channels with your new address too.
  • Update the Post Office with new phone numbers and address.
  • Begin sorting through your archives and make sure you have a secure way of transporting records. 
  • Brief your IT department about the new office’s tech facilities and if any new equipment will be needed. Purchases, transport and setup of equipment will need to be carefully planned to get your business up and running again as soon as possible. 


Step 3: 

Moving day has arrived!

  • Unexpected issues will arise, no matter how organised you are. Focus on returning your employees to business as usual, as quickly as possible, and minimising business disruptions. 
  • Make sure all employees have all the information they need to know about the new office such as a map, information about parking and transport, OHS, keys or access codes.
  • Have a commercial moving company relocate your office furniture, IT equipment, machinery.


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