Have You Considered Storage Containers For Your Next Move?

20ft shipping container for a safe and secure storage solutionAre you close to moving but you’re not quite ready to go? Coming up to the end of a lease? Maybe you’re in the process of selling your home and you’d like to get a head start on packing up non-essentials? We’ll let you in on a little secret that doesn’t involve warehousing or lock up garages… storage containers! Hard-wearing, spacious and easily transportable, moving containers are an underrated relocation storage solution that won’t cost the earth while keeping your boxes, bits, bobs and large pieces of furniture safe, secure and out of your way!

5 Reasons Why We Recommend Moving Shipping Containers to Our Customers


Bank Savvy Solution for Budget Watchers

Warehouse and garage options can be an expensive investment for people on a limited budget. When it comes to final costs, the quoted shipping container moving price may vary, but accurate comparisons reveal you’ll pay much less in the long run, even if long term storage is the aim of your moving game. Don’t throw away your furniture, books or possessions unnecessarily, and forget about paying for extra council pickups or dumping fees. Talk to Timerite about safeguarding your memories with our relocation moving and storage containers.

Pack and Unload Once

When you’re moving, every spare minute counts. Ensure you’re not wasting time by packing and unpacking twice! After you’ve squirreled away your beloved but occasionally used items into Timerite supplied boxes, our friendly team will load the contents into a storage container for easy access at a later date. When moving day comes and you’re ready to see everything in your digs, Timerite will truck the storage container to your new address – providing a seamless service without the added reloading and unloading times!

Highly Durable All-Season Storage

Shipping containers are built to withstand some serious conditions. They protect a whole range of goods as they make countless journeys across rolling, rocking and salty seas. Considering their resilient composition, air-tight seals and weather-ready coatings, shipping containers work well as a cost-effective, highly protective storage options.


Shipping containers are not small. You won’t struggle to fit in an extra box or a stray couch, in fact, you’ll probably have space to spare after locking up every stray piece of furniture or lingering belonging until moving day. Their size also makes moving containers ideal for short or long-term office storage, as desks, chairs and tables can be stacked on top of each other, maximising space while cutting down on costs.

Safe and Secure

Do you need to store sensitive documents, company files or corporate assets off-site? Maybe your archives are jam-packed to the brim already… storage containers guarantee a secure alternative to traditional solutions, as important belongings are kept in a people and tamper-proof location, under lock and key. Our security promise isn’t only for commercial or corporate customers – your antiques and family documents will be kept from prying eyes and interfering fingers until you’re ready to take them back into your care.

Are you planning a move in the future? Call us now on (02) 4927 6687 and explore moving containers in more detail.