How to move your house plants

Moving house can be stressful enough, without having to worry about damaging or potentially killing your plants. At TimeRite Removals, our specialised home removalists can safely transport your plants to your new home. 

chair and pot plants


How to move with plants

There are a few things that you can do to prepare your plants for moving:

  • Repot plants into plastic pots. Ceramic or clay pots are heavy and prone to breaking.
  • Prune plants, cut off dead leaves and branches to reduce the overall size of the plant. This will also make the plants look fresh in their new home.
  • Check for insects. You don’t want to take any nasties to your new place.
  • Ensure your plants are well watered beforehand, around 3 days before the move. This will help minimise any transport shock your plants may experience during the move.


How to transport small plants

Small indoor house plants can be transported in your car, preferably on the front seat or on top of all your luggage. Place them together in a box and secure with packing material to avoid tipping over. Leave the top of the box open so you don’t damage the plants. Hanging plants can be attached to the hooks in your car. 

If you prefer to have expert removalists take care of and deliver your indoor house plants, TimeRite Removals can pack your plants into the back of a moving truck. Please just make sure the boxes are properly labelled with the “up” side of the box and indicate that it contains fragile items. Our home removalists will ensure that your plants are handled with care and securely stacked on top of all your furniture.


How to transport large plants

Transporting large house plants can be more difficult and are more likely to experience shock during the moving process. To avoid this, try taping cardboard over the soil so it doesn’t spill. Wrap larger plants in a bed sheet to protect the limbs and foliage and wrap the pots in newspaper to avoid scratching.

Taller pot plants can tilt over or become uprooted in the moving process, so be sure to replant them when you get to your new home. You can read more about moving with pot plants here.

Many people underestimate how much room plants actually take up in the moving truck. Furniture can be easily wrapped and stacked on top of each other but plants cannot! If you have a number of larger plants, please let us know in advance and we can arrange for a second truck to deliver your plants separately and safely. If your plants are too big to move, take a cutting and try to re-grow it in your new home!


Moving plants doesn’t need to be difficult. TimeRite Removals can help! We provide stress-free removal services in Newcastle and Maitland, and can help you move house with plants locally, inter-state and nationally. Download TimeRite’s comprehensive moving house checklist for more tips.