Moving Day Tips: 5 Ways You Can Help Out

Furniture Removal

Moving day is almost here and you can feel the excitement brewing – very soon you’ll leave behind a house full of memories and not much else, as your life is boxed up and trucked out, secured safely in one of our specialised removalist vehicles. We know relocating to a fresh address can be fraught with stress, unexpected events and the hidden cost of moving house when whitegoods don’t quite fit in their new cavity – you wouldn’t believe how often it happens – so we’ve put our heads together to identify five things you can do on moving day to help out.

Book the Family Pet a Short Staycation

Most experienced local and interstate removalists will emphasise the benefits of booking your fur-friend into a kennel for the day. While little humans can be given small jobs and babies can be left with grandparents or other carers, people sometimes forget about the family pet. While we love cats and dogs, they have a habit of getting underfoot at the worst times, making a safe situation potentially dangerous in the space of a few seconds. If a kennel isn’t an option, make sure you keep them tied up and out of the way as your TimeRite Removals team moves through the property.

Be Prepared. Be Alert. Always Listen.

We all have something to offer, but when it comes to moving furniture, large objects and big boxes, our team has the know-how to make the day easier. If you’re eager to help out…great, we’re glad to have you, but our on-site removalists will be taking the lead, directing you what to pick up next, where to go or when to leave something for us to load. We want you to be safe and healthy when you arrive at your new home, and sometimes that means leaving the hard stuff for us – it’s just one of our many furniture removalist services!

Stay Hydrated

Lifting boxes and sofas can be hot work, especially in the summer months. Set up a small drinks station with a few disposable cups and plenty of water to ensure you, your family and our professional removalists stay hydrated. Well-watered bodies work with greater efficiency than thirsty ones!

Pack a Grab and Go Bag

Keep your essentials close in a backpack and minimise the time you spend unpacking already taped up boxes, looking for this and that. We recommend putting aside a few changes of clothes, everyday toiletries, medications, toilet paper, sunscreen, device chargers, medications and important paperwork. Make sure every member of your family has their own grab-bag, making those first few days in the new house easier as you settle in and start ploughing through your belongings.

You Are What You Wear

Dress for the job at hand. Furniture removal can be dusty, sweaty and hard work – if you plan to join our crew temporarily, wear a loose shirt and shorts or comfortable active wear, including enclosed shoes you can walk and lift in. We suggest something a little on the older side, made from breathable fabric!

Remember, this list is totally optional – if you feel like leaving everything to the experts, we’re more than happy to move you while you handle the cleaning. Let’s face it, there’s always cleaning.

Are you researching a move right now? We’re the masters of smooth transitions and no-stress moving days. Call us now on (02) 4927 6687 and get ready for an easy, speedy and simple move.