Minimise The Stress Of Moving With These Pro Packing Tips

Pro Packing Tips - TimeRite Removals

Ah, moving.

The initial build-up is so full of enthusiasm, collecting packing materials and psyching up for a few days of handiwork.

But soon it’s evident that things take a lot longer (and plenty more effort) than anticipated. By the time moving day rolls around – an exhausting obstacle course of heavy lifting and eleventh-hour predicaments – you’re in over your head.

While moving is undeniably stressful, great things come with it: novelty, excitement and joy, to name a few.

So how can you focus on these wonderful emotions and wave goodbye to the worry?

Make your move the smart, simple way with our game-changing packing tips.

Accept The Stress

Before you start packing, take the first step in overcoming your stress: Recognise that moving is not a walk in the park.

Once you acknowledge this plain truth, you’ll be more capable of handling the heat when faced with moving day challenges.

Stress is a natural reaction to demanding life events and something you can manage, so don’t let it bring you down. Stay positive and you’ll get through this!

Plan, Prep, Progress

Organisation is the key to unlocking your peace of mind!

You can’t prepare for every hiccup but you can reduce the impact with a little forward thinking.

Curate a moving folder with checklists, schedules and timelines to help you arrange dates, room layouts and everything in between. Storing all important documents in one location will ease your worries in the lead up to your move. And to make the process less of a whirlwind, create a moving caddy of packing supplies with packing tape, coloured paper, rulers, Sharpies and scissors. Prioritise planning from day one and you’re guaranteed a smoother move with less headaches.

Avoid The Rush

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you’re faced with a looming deadline and a house full of unpacked ‘this and thats’.

So don’t fall victim to last-minute mayhem.

Save yourself the stress by allocating enough time to each stage of your move, leaving some wiggle room for delays and changes – This is when those timelines and schedules come in handy.

Start earlier than you think you need to and keep an eye on the clock.

Say Your Goodbyes

Coming to the end of an era is bittersweet, especially when you’re leaving the spot you’ve called home for so long. But keeping your emotions pent up will only add to your moving day stress.

Take the time to bid a proper farewell to your old place, its backyard and the cafe on the corner.

Perhaps have a last supper with roommates and neighbours so that you can spend your final evening together reminiscing about old times instead of frantically stuffing your moving boxes.

Getting closure before packing up will take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Be Strategic With Your Packing

If the idea of uprooting your entire life sends panic through your veins, focus on packing the small things first. Then tackle the moving piece by piece. It’s important to embrace the packing process as you bubble-wrap picture frames and pile up books – Instead of shoving whatever into whichever box, add some method to the madness.

We promise you’ll thank us later!

Rate and mark the moving boxes with a number system based on the urgency with which they need to be unpacked.

Fill accordingly and you’ll have easy access to belongings needed on Day One.

Colour coding and labelling boxes by room is also a huge time saver, showing exactly what each box holds and where it should be left.

Don’t forget about other ways to pack, either!

Garbage bags are your new best friend. Their squishiness means you can stuff them into tight spaces so load them up with soft unbreakables. Wrap and pad more fragile items in blankets and towels to save on cardboard boxes.

Movers – like us! – also make the mistake of emptying dressers, chests and suitcases. Cut down your packing time and free up some truck space by filling them with more belongings.

Purge As You Go

While you’re at it, why not take this opportunity to throw out all of the old stuff you no longer use?

Make the effort to sell, donate or bin these items so that you can start fresh in your new home.

Decluttering your physical space will clear your mind when you need to most.

Count On Family And Friends

Call on loved ones for help with physical tasks (like getting that couch up your basement stairs) and, more importantly, emotional support. When you’re having a tough time staying optimistic about the transition, share your struggles with someone you can confide in – A problem shared is a problem halved.

Or simply ask for some company while you pack. Chatting away together can be a welcomed distraction from an otherwise daunting task.

Finish Up Before The Big Day

The golden rule of relocation?

Complete your packing before moving day begins.

Load and secure every box.

Disassemble any furniture that has to be taken apart for transport.

Roll up rugs tightly and tape them to avoid frustrating unfurls.

Sketch a plan of where larger belongings should be positioned in your new home so that if you’re not around, someone else can place them for you.

Having everything set in the correct place the first time around will save you valuable time and effort later.

Let A Moving Company Take It From Here

There’s nothing quite like a helping hand – Especially when it belongs to a professional mover.

In addition to offering packing and unpacking services and taking care of all the heavy lifting, we’ll provide expert advice on the safe transport of hard-to-pack belongings, like lamps and paintings.

Not to mention you won’t have to endure the struggles of maneuvering and returning a clunky moving truck.

That’s a lot less backache and hassle for you. So, don’t go through the pain of moving day all by yourself when you could have a squad of trained helpers at your disposal.

Get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re always happy to offer our support!

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