3 tips for moving valuable Items


Moving valuable and fragile items requires special care. That’s why TimeRite Removalists are the team for you! We have the correct packaging supplies, well trained packers and movers, and the knowledge and experience to safely transport these tricky items.

Here are some tips for things you can do to make sure your valuable items are moved safely:

  1. Make sure your items are insured. Whether you get your own insurance or use your removalists, it’s important to have your items insured for transit. Even if an item is packed to perfection, accidents can happen on the road at any time, at no fault of your own or your removalist.
  2. Make sure your items are wrapped. Wrapping protects items and we believe in wrapping everything. If we don’t wrap it it may not be covered by transit insurance so check with us prior.
  3. Make sure to bring items to the attention of the removalists. Identify valuable and fragile items to your Time Rite removal team at the time of your booking and when they arrive for the job. Make sure items are clearly labeled as being fragile. Emphasising an item’s importance will ensure it is moved with the utmost care. Identifying the items at the time of booking will also allow us to gather any specific packaging materials we might need to bring.

To protect and safeguard your valuable items, take as many precautions as you can. Follow these tips and book a removalist who will protect your precious goods and move them with care. Move with TimeRite!