Why Quality Pre-Packing is So Important

Pre Packing & Unpacking Removalists

Did you ever receive a package in the mail which was damaged? What was the condition of the wrapping and the packaging? This same thing can  happen to your valued possessions if you do not pre-pack your possessions in a way that protects them. There are many types of items that need special packaging to ensure their safe delivery in transit when relocating.


  • Glassware and delicate ceramic items and keepsakes
  • Dishes and kitchen utensils and tools
  • Jewelry and precious items
  • Cleaning materials or hazardous chemicals
  • Technology items which can be damaged in the sun or with vibration in transit
  • Large items like TV’s, stereos, and computers

As you can see, there are several items (basically, anything except your large furniture items) which can easily be damaged, broken, or rendered unusable if not pre-packed correctly. This is a hug undertaking for you to do yourself.

Quality packing is the key to success and is really at the heart of a successful move. Our staff at Time Rite Removals is trained to pre-pack all of your possessions in the best way, to avoid the possibility of damage. They know that glassware and technology items require different kinds of packing and they do what is necessary to protect them so you won’t have to worry.

You could try to pre-pack all of your items yourself but this takes time and money and it tends to be stressful. Moving is stressful enough without having to do the packing yourself. You have tons of things to remember. Why not leave the hard stuff to the professionals who will take every step to make sure your things arrive in the best condition possible.

We also have packing materials, so there is no need to purchase packing items and boxes, whcih we can furnish these for you. We are your professional removalists in Newcastle and we have all of the tools, training, and expertise to make your move uneventful and stress-free.

When you are ready to move, contact us to set up an appointment. We can organize everything for you, provide you with the right packing materials and boxes, and take care of all of the pre-packing for you, so you don’t have to worry.


  • Local and Residential/Commercial Moving around the Newcastle area
  • Moving to and from storage
  • Transit and Delivery
  • Insurance for extra protection
  • Packing boxes and pre-packing service (upon request)
  • AFRA certified

To learn more about the importance of sufficient pre-packing, read this: https://timeriteremovals.com.au/why-pre-packing-is-important. And remember, when you want professional removalists in Newcastle, contact the experts at Time Rite Removals. We are AFRA certified, and our work ethic is second to none. Contact us to learn more. We’re ready to move for you.