Tips When Moving Your Whitegoods

shutterstock_318803609Regardless of whom we are, at some point during the course of any move we have contemplated just chucking our old stuff, and buying something brand new that will be delivered in pristine condition to our new locale.  This isn’t because our old items are outdated and unwanted, but rather we’re just tired of schlepping things out to the truck during a move that seems to be never ending.  This is particularly true when we start to move those heavy appliances that always seem to be the last thing on the truck anyways.  Obviously, since it’s unrealistic to assume you can afford to buy a brand new stove, washer, dryer, and refrigerator every time you pick up and pack up your worldly possessions, it probably makes more sense to learn effective methods of moving the heavy appliances that you already have.


With the exception of the completely OCD, the family refrigerator can always use a good cleaning and when you are fixing to move is the perfect time to do so.  Once the condiments have been boxed up and the decaying science experiment in the vegetable drawer has been tossed away, now is the ideal time to give the ice box a chance to defrost followed by a thorough cleaning that goes after every nook and cranny with a strong cleaning agent.  Always remember to check at your condensation tray at the back of the unit for old dirty water.  Cleaning this out prior to actually moving your refrigerator will help ensure that you don’t have disgustingly dirty water sloshing all over your shoes during the move.  This is particularly important if you plan on placing the refrigerator in storage for any length of time.  The obvious advantage lies in the fact that once at your new place, your refrigerator will appear as clean and brand new as the rest of your house.

As anyone who has ever wrestled a refrigerator up a flight of stairs can attest, it’s not always an easy task.  Towards that end, movers have been known to tilt and tip their heavy burden as if they have entered an appliance lido game.  While it is sometimes necessary to perform this moving ballet, it is always best to limit the amount of time they remain in that position.  The chief concern with an upended refrigerator lies in the propensity of the motor’s oil to move along the lines and settle causing serious problems once the unit is turned back on.

Washing Machines and Dryers…

Just as your refrigerator is a repository of stagnant pools of water and suspicious odors, so too is your washing machine.  As such, once they have been disconnected from its water and electrical supply, it needs to be fully drained throughout including the hoses. Once dried, the hoses can be removed and stored inside the unit, or assuming they can’t be removed should be taped to the back of the washer.  This ensures that upon arrival at the new house, even in all the confusion associated with a new move, you will be able to find all the relevant pieces when it comes time to reconnect it.

In addition to the excitement of maybe finding where all those lost socks went, moving the dryer provides a great opportunity to completely clean out your filters.  In addition to being a fire hazard, a clogged dryer filter sharply limits the efficiency of the machine and leads to increased power bills and slower drying times.  It should be noted that if you are having professional movers do the heavy lifting, they are almost certainly going to request that you disconnect the gas prior to them moving the dryer.