Why Choose an AFRA Accredited Furniture Removalist?



When you are considering a move to a new location, whether a residential location or a business, you will want to consider choosing an AFRA accredited furniture removalist. AFRA (the Australian Furniture Removers Association), is the primary accrediting body for professional furniture removal in Australia. They require a rigorous audit process for removalists to pass their criterion. As a result, you know that you are getting the most professional moving service that money can buy.



AFRA Accreditation Standards

  • Members are subjected to rigorous work ethics and advanced training systems that ensure standards of excellence.
  • AFRA’s Training Manuals, online training, and other training aids are widely recognized by organizations which promote Workplace Health and Safety standards.
  • AFRA’s procedural practices regarding quality of trucks, equipment, and personnel are strictly adhered to.
  • Storage facilities used to hold goods and property during the move must meet AFRA’s high standards. This ensures that your possessions are safe during the transit.
  • AFRA’s offices and business premises are kept to high standards as well.
  • AFRA offers extra perks, such as containers, software, packing materials, and other things which may be needed in the move.
  • AFRA requires that the utmost care be given to property in the process of moving, which minimizes the potential for damage and guarantees your property and possessions will get there safety and securely.


Time Rite Removals, your professional AFRA removalist in Newcastle,  is AFRA certified, and we have the skills and experience to ensure that you always get the most professional job possible. We stand by AFRA’s stringest standards of excellent and our people were trained to follow these premises in every area, including work ethics, training, procedural practices, storage facilities, and more. We further believe in  handling every job as though it were our own possesions, and our attitude of excellence extends to every aspect of the moving business.



We offer professional removal services in the Newcastle and surrounding area. We also do moving services from Newcastle to other areas. We will move your property in and out of storage areas as well, either during or after the move. In addition, we offer the following added services to help you make your transition to your new location a postive one:

  • Pre-packing of your belongings
  • Transit and delivery to your new location
  • Insurance
  • Storage


At Time Rite Removals, your AFRA Removalist Newcastle, we believe that the best surprise is no surprise when it comes to relocation. And we work hard to make sure you know that you are taken care of every step of the way. Our staff is certified and licensed to handle any job that comes out way and we handle it in the most professional manner.

So remember when you plan your next move, whether residential or commercial, make sure you choose an AFRA accredited removalist in the Newcastle area, Time Rite Removals. This way, you are guaranteed that you will have a quality moving experience which is based on the highest standards, and service that you can rely on.

For more information on how we can help you  make your move a pleasant one, rather than a headache, contact us. Visit us on the web to learn more about our services. We are ready to move for you. See our AFRA accreditation record today at: https://timeriteremovals.com.au/accreditation/