Moving? Time to donate your unwanted items to Charity

Whether you’re moving house or office, now is the perfect time to assess your belongings and decide what’s worth keeping and what’s worth giving away. And let’s face it, we’ve all got ‘stuff’ that we forgot we even had! As your belongings go into boxes and cupboards get emptied it’s worth considering how each item will fit into your new home or office.

TimeRite Removals have helped with hundreds of moves and from our experience everything is up for grabs. From clothing and shoes through to crockery and shovels, nothing should be considered sacred

There are some obvious practical reasons for packing light. Firstly, it saves time, and we know that on moving day time is a precious thing! Secondly, you might not want the old armchair in your brand new home or you might not want used shoes ruining the vibe of your nice new wardrobe. Moving house is a good excuse to buy new stuff – budget permitting of course!

Whilst all of these are great reasons for losing the old there can be no better feeling than being able to give some of your nicer belongings that you no longer need to people in need. If you’re about to start moving now is the perfect time to look at items that you may like to pass on to others.

TimeRite Removals wold like to encourage you to visit one of the many charity stores here in the Hunter area before you move and donate some of your pre-loved items. Everything you donate inspires change in your local community.