11 Ways to Prepare for your next move

Pre Packing

If you are preparing to move soon, there are some things to keep in mind in order to make sure you’re ready. You want to make sure the move is safe to people and your prized furniture, and that everything is ready to go when the removalist comes.  Some of these tasks involve getting your house ready for moving in general, while others involve some needed safety precautions when the movers are there.


11 Ways to Prepare for Moving

  1. Disconnect utilities. This includes water, gas, lighting, and phone service.
  2. Complete any repairs, painting, and alterations. Make your old house look great before moving out. It helps the value of the house and makes you look good too.
  3. Trim tree branches and shrubs and mow the lawn. Leaving the grounds in good condition shows you care about the place you used to call home.
  4. Make a list of TO DO and shopping lists of what you will need. You will need supplies for your new home so make a list and check it twice.
  5. Check out your new neighborhood and look for any signs of problems. You can get an idea of how things will go in your new area just by visiting a few times, at different times of the day before moving in. This way, you’ll know what to expect.
  6. Change the locks and have keys made. You should have new locks, which gives the new occupant a feeling of security. No one wants someone to have an extra key that opens their front door.
  7. Have an emergency evacuation plan for your new house. Always have a plan in place wherever you live in case of emergencies.
  8. Clean house inside and out to improve your chances for selling  your old house. You want to leave the house in good condition.
  9. Stop mail and have mail forwarded to your new address.
  10. Check for slippery surfaces for moving men. You don’t want an accident to have while the removalists are working in your house.
  11. Clear a path for the removalists. Make sure your removalist has a clear path to move the furniture, so they won’t fall or bump into other furniture or walls




Following these 11 easy steps will make the  moving process safer and easier for everyone concerned. Time Rite Removals is your removalist in Newcastle. We take pride in their work and make sure the process is easy and painless. So when you’ve prepared for your move, contact the experienced removalist in Newcastle here: https://timeriteremovals.com.au/contact-us/ and speak to us about our expert moving service in the Newcastle area. We are experienced at dealing with any contingencies and we know how to help make your next move a smooth one. We can even furnish boxes for packing if you  need them, and expert advice to help you get ready for the move. We look forward to helping you move into your new home!